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Lowri Evans

"A major talent in any language...."

"Great singer songwriter"

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2



A little bit of everything


New for 2017!

A celebration of 10yrs recording and performing together, Lowri and Lee have gone into the studio to record a collection of songs from their previous albums and a couple of cover versions of songs from the live set. The recording is live, no extra musicians, no gimmicks, no overdubs just the two of them as they perform on stage.

1. Last Night

2. Seventeen

3. Deep Inside

4. Piece of me

5. Cariad mwyn

6. Nobosy knows you when you're down and out

7. Corner of my eye

8. Maria's

9. Can Walter

10. Everyone is from somewhere else

11. Can't say for sure

12. Merch y myny

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