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Lowri Evans

"A major talent in any language...."

"Great singer songwriter"

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

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Nobody knows you when

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"Kick The Sand" 2007 - Click Here for 2007 Hot Press Magazine Ireland Review

Kick the Sand is Lowri's first English Lanuguage Album, on the back of the success of Clyw Sibrydion Lowri's last release on the Fflach's RASP label they decided to follow it up with an English Language album. Originally the idea was to release an English version of Clyw Sibrydion some songs got lost in translation, and the fact Lowri had written a bunch of new English songs meant that only 4 tracks survived onto the new album. Lowri has included an acoustic arrangement of U2's "With or Without You" recorded live in the studio with Lee on guitar and Nerys Richards playing cello as well as 10 original songs.

Once again the album is co-produced by Lee Mason (acoustic, electric and bass guitar), Wyn Jones and Lowri (Vocals, acoustic guitar and piano). Guest musicians on the album include:

Arran Amhun: Drums and Percussion

Wyn Jones: Yard Brush

Nerys Richards: Cello

Andy "Wal" Coughlan: Double Bass and Bass Guitar

Dafydd Jones: Drums

Karolyn Fear: Piano and Hammond

Melt Kingston: Bass Guitar

Henry Sears: Violin

Emma Brydon: Cello

Paul Mallet: Lap Steel

Wyn Lewis Jones: Hammond and Yard Brush

Kick The Sand Tracks

Track List:

1. I Can't Decide

2. Not At Maria's (Listen To The Full Version Here...)

3. Lifetime

4. With Or Without You (Listen To The Full Version Here...)

5. I'm Not In Love With You

6. Sorry Smokey (Listen To The Full Version Here...)

7. Kick The Sand

8. Merch Y Myny

9. Conscience

10. Me

11. Mountain Girl.